Team Tash

Natasha is incredibly grateful to have had continuous support from her family and friends. Each member of ‘Team Tash’ is vital and Natasha is very grateful for her amazing home team.


Yvonne Bennett – Mum

Natasha’s mum is a crucial member of Team Tash and is a constant support. Yvonne is Natasha’s home and competition groom as well as drives the lorry everywhere, travelling to all her competitions. Yvonne keeps everything running on the yard at home, is the eyes on the ground whilst Tash trains and makes sure the horses are turned out perfectly.


Tamsin Addison – Coach and Support Rider

Natasha started training with Tamsin in 2018 and thoroughly enjoys her lessons. Tamsin is both Natasha’s coach and support rider and attends competitions and squad training.


Liusaidh Owen – International Groom

Liusaidh has been a groom for Natasha at International Competitions for several years and is a key member of the team. Liusaidh looks after Natasha’s horses when travelling to competitions and whilst away at competitions, making sure that they are turned out impeccably.


Roy and Cerid Bennett – Grandparents

Natasha’s grandparents are essential members of team Tash. They constantly support Natasha and make sure everything run smoothly at home, looking after the rest of the animals, when Natasha and Yvonne are away. Team Tash would not be the same without them.


Portland House Equine - Vet

Natasha’s horses have been with Portland House Equine Vets now for a number of years. They are always on hand if advice is needed and make sure that Natasha’s horses are as fit and healthy as possible.

Steve Adkinson – Dad

Natasha’s dad has retired from the military and is support of Natasha on her journey. Steve does a lot of the DIY jobs around the year and even though Natasha may have missed out on the navigation skills that her day has, Chad likes to step in and help read the maps.


Faith Fisher-Atack (Equine Physio Services) - ACPAT Equine Physio

Faith has been treating Natasha’s horse since 2017. The benefits Natasha has seen since working with Faith have been amazing.

Jed Hallam (Paddockwood Forge Limited) – Farrier

Jed has been Natasha’s farrier for 5 years now and is highly recommended by Team Tash. All the horses shoeing schedules are shaped to each individual horse’s requirements to optimise performance. 


Hayley Drakes (Wellbeings Natural Therapies for people and animals) – Equine Massage

Hayley has been a key part of Team Tash for a few years now. Natasha’s horses love Hayley coming to give them a massage and Landy especially likes to do his stretches.


Donna Barker (Donna Barker Equine Therapy & Rehabilitation) - Equine Therapy

Donna has been a member of Team Tash for a while now and works around Natasha’s competition schedule, alongside Hayley, to make sure the horses are in the best shape they can be.


English Institute of Sport

Natasha has been fortunate enough to have access to physiotherapy and strength and conditioning at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield for several years now and feels incredibly lucky to train there.

Gill Edmondson – Physiotherapist

Natasha has been fortunate enough to access physio at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield since 2010. Gill is a fantastic physio therapist and is a vital support to Natasha.

Adela Carter - Strength & Conditioning Coach

Natasha has also been fortunate enough to access the strength and conditioning services at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield since 2010. The gym has enabled Natasha to improve her core strength, range and stamina in order to optimise performance.


Team GBR – The World Class Programme

Natasha is very grateful to be a member of the UK Sport Lottery funded BEF World Class Programme, which supports a partway to success for the equestrian disciplines of eventing, jumping, dressage and para-equestrian dressage athletes. The programme aims to identify talent, maximise potential and deliver success through the Equine Pathway, Podium Potential and Podium programmes through access to experienced coaches, expertise from equine science support staff and human science support. 

Natasha has found the support from the World Class Programme invaluable. The opportunity to train with experienced coaches as well as gaining expertise from equine and human science support staff and inter discipline days has been fundamental in developing Natasha a high performance athlete. Natasha is continually striving to develop and become the best rider that she can be, making the most of every opportunity.

Photo Credit: Nynke Wierda Photography

Photo Credit: Nynke Wierda Photography

The Team Mascots

Sophie and Summer are very important members of Team Tash, watching Natasha train and guarding the yard!


A big thank you must go to Jayne Caudle for creating this website. Thank you for all the help and support!