Natasha is incredibly grateful to have a fantastic team of sponsors and supporters who are an integral part of her journey. Sponsors and supporters are a really important part of the team and Natasha appreciates their support as well as the opptunities they bring to work with such great products people in order to represent the brands the best she can. A massive thank you to everyone who supports Natasha, and if you are interested in becoming part of Team Tash as a sponsor or supporter then please feel free to get in touch.

Top Spec Feed

Since feeding my horses on Top Spec, I have seen their condition improve so much.

Charles Owen Helmets

I have used Charles Owen Helmets for numerous years. Safety is paramount but when you spend so much time in the saddle, you want to be comfortable too. Due to my Spina Bifida, I find that Charles Owen Helmets are perfect as they are light in weight and comfy as well as having the added bonus of being stylish. Charles Owen have managed to achieve both and their bespoke hat service means that you can have any design that you like, which results in the perfect combination of function and style. I wouldn’t be without my Charles Owen helmets


I have used NAF for many years and they have a wide range of products, meaning that there is a product to suit each of my horse’s individual requirements. My horses feel great on the inside but also looks great. It is vital importance to me that I know exactly what goes in my horses’ feeds so their focus and commitment to clean sport through the batch testing of their products is a massive reassurance. They have a very good nutritional helpline who are there to help with any questions that you may have.

Premier Equine England

I have used Premier Equines’ product for many years and I cannot recommend them highly enough. It is very important to me that the are are well looked after and comfortable as well as being durable. With their new rug designs, magnetic therapy products and protection wear, I can be confident that my horses are comfortable and protected both being ridden and in the field.

Whittaker Coachbuilders

Team GBR

I have a member of the Equestrian Team GBR World Class Programme Podium Potential Squad since 2010. They support has been invaluable over the years and the National Lottery funding has enabled me to do what I love and achieve my dreams. I am very grateful to have access to top coaches, equine science and human science professionals. Thank you to all who continue to make this all possible.

Equilibrium Products

I have use the Equilibrium massage therapy products for a number of years on my horses and feel they have benefited from them. My horses enjoy having their Equilibrium Massage Pad on before they are ridden to warm up their back.

Equestrian Surfaces